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Free Diapers

We donate diapers to needy families by the pack (sizes 1-5) and offer home delivery. We do our best to inform the families of other places where they can get more diapers for free as well. This is part of our main mission: to help you find what you need especially when it comes to diapers and baby items!


1. You must have Medicaid to receive diapers from us. If you are pregnant, please enter your number. If you are calling for your baby, please enter their number.

2. You must be a resident in the counties of, Macomb, Oakland, Genesee. We hope to expand more soon.

3. We give priority to pregnant mothers and infants. No toddlers (18 months-2 years) please.

4. Calls must be direct from the family, we do not support other companies/agencies. This applies to diapers only, if you have a resource to share as an organization feel free to make a page about yourself right here on the site. It's free! We are all about bringing everyone together.

5. You CAN get diapers from us even if you are receiving diapers from another organization or somewhere else. We know the need is great and we encourage other organizations to offer this help as well.

6. After filling out our form or using our hot-line, someone will call you to discuss more and answer your questions.

7. One request per household at a time.

8. IMPORTANT! Our return calls come from a 248-764-XXXX. We know many of us do not like to accept calls if we do not recognize the phone number. You may wish to make a note for 248-764-XXXX as it will be us calling.

9. M.O.M currently only offers diapers to residents in the counties of Macomb, Oakland and Genesee.  If you do not live in one of these 3 counties, we do not offer service at this time. Please search through the resources here using "Diapers" as your keyword to find other places that offer free diapers in your area.

Diaper Request

SEARCH TIP! Enter a keyword of what you are looking for: diapers, clothes, dentist, furniture. Enter your zip code to sort the list by distance from you.