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Maternal Outreach of Michigan
Mission Statement

Maternal Outreach of Michigan exists to bring family's closer together. Specifically, family's with babies or a baby on the way. We do broaden our reach whenever possible.

The 21st century has brought with it some unprecedented challenges to our country and our state. M.O.M. believes that through cooperation and commitment to our families and our community shall emerge from these past few years stronger as a whole.

Already communities and organizations are coming forward to help those in need, offering a wide variety of services and support. Maternal Outreach of Michigan endeavors to help connect those seeking support with those offering it.

There are more challenges and pressures to families than ever before. Competition for our attention and time grows as well. This website and the efforts of M.O.M as a whole are designed to make it easier for those looking for support to find it quicker and easier.

In addition to providing information and coordination, Maternal Outreach offers their own support by donating diapers and working with other organizations who also wish to provide this valuable resource so desperately needed by families with babies or those expecting one.

This site works like a Wiki. Feel free to create a page right here on this site if you have a resource to share. he support or services you may be sharing doesn't have to be your own. If you know of something, post it! If you do not have all the information, post what you can, and others may fill in the blanks.

We are committed to gathering as much information as we can all in one place, and easily searchable. It is our privilege to help our community.

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